Utah Valley Competition League Spring 2013 Tournament Rules (and info)

  1. Games cannot be rescheduled. Adjustments may be made for extenuating circumstances in the best interest of the players.  Dangerous weather as determined by the referee or league/club official is the only reason for stopping a game. If a game is stopped due to weather then if at all possible, it should only be paused until the weather condition passes. League/club officials have the authority to override the referee in determining whether the game should be stopped for safety issues, or continued.
  2. Notice that the first games are pool play. That means no overtime. For Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and finals, two 5 minute overtimes are used if tied after regulation. A  penalty kicks from the mark per FIFA Laws of the game will be used if still tied after the overtimes.
  3. Players must be on the official game day roster. Photos must be clear. If an illegal player is played the game will be forfeit and the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  4. Teams must sit on opposite sidelines. This is enforceable by the referee at their discretion. Failure to comply will result in the referee abandoning the game. The referee making note of the offending team. Parents should be to the left of the center line with the team bench behind the Assistant Referee. Please see state sideline policy.
  5. The home team is entitled to choose which side of the field to observe the game. The home team is the first team listed on the schedule. If the visiting team arrives first and is asked to move they must.
  6. The home team’s league is responsible for providing the proper equipment. However, a team does not forfeit a game due to it’s leagues failure to provide equipment. Also home team must change jerseys if both teams have are wearing the same color. Pinnies are acceptable if a team does not have a second jersey.
  7. For pool play, 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  8. For draws at the end of pool play (2 or 3 games) the following tie breakers will be used in this sequence:

a) Head to Head

b) Goal Differential (Goals scored minus goals allowed, max differential 4 per game)

c) Least goals allowed

d) Most goals scored (to a maximum of 10 per game)

e) Shut-out victories (forfeits not counting)

f) Most total wins

g) FIFA kicks from the penalty mark

We have a participation collectors pins for every player. They can be picked up from the Lakeside Sports Park any day during the tournament from 5:30 – 8:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Substitution Policy for all UYSA games has changed.
Free substitution is allowed in all age groups. However, teams may substitute only with the referee's permission and only at the following times, including overtimes:
1. Prior to a throw-in in your favor; if the opposing team is subing then both teams can. 
2. Prior to a goal kick by either team;
3. After a goal by either team;
4. After an injury to either team, when the referee stops play;
5. During half-time;

UYSA Sideline policy will be used by UVCL. Home team will choose desired side. Parents will sit on same side as team to the left of midline with team bench to the right. Please respect other teams and referees and follow this policy.
Home team is also responsible to adjust if teams have same color of jerseys. Pinnies may be used over jersey if needed.
Nets/goals, game ball and corner flags are responsibility of home team.
Good sportsmanship from the players will happen because of the example set for them.

Thank you for being a part of Utah Valley Competition League.